5. The CO-D Fish



The CO-D stands for Concave Deck. This is a high-performance fish shape with a few new features that set it apart from the traditional Lis Fish that every board maker and their grandmothers are currently producing.

The concave deck makes paddling a dream especially if your chest isn’t concave to accommodate a dome deck. The thickest points of the concave deck create a catamaran type flotation and lateral stability… this keeps the rails from dipping from side to side while paddling, which transfers the energy more efficiently into bursts of forward motion on take-off and while paddling out. The concave deck also gives your front foot more contact and leverage from heel to toe while transferring from rail to rail.
The bottom has a light entry concave helping the water flow through the nose rocker into a double concave in flat, into a light vee in the tail for smoothing out the rail to rail transition of the wide swallowtail. Four channels run out the center of the vent to keep the water from escaping off of the vee, providing extra drive by limiting the water escape off of the vee. It has FCSII boxes in a twin keel setting with less toe-in and cant to give more fin efficiency.

For the CO-D Fish we recommend FCS Modern Keel or FCS Retro Keel fin sets


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