4. The Extraordinary Egg



The Extraordinary Egg is not another hipster’s mid-length… this is a design derived from Donald Takayama’s late 80s to early 90s Egg, that in its day came with shortboard sized side fins glassed on with a short center box.

We’ve stretched the box to a long center box that also enables you to take the side fins out, and positioned the fin forward as a single for when you’re feeling like growing a beard and wearing skinny jeans. There’s a light nose concave in the nose allowing for moderate tip rides, and also helping the water to flow through the nose rocker for safe takeoffs. The nose concave feeds into a subtle rolled bottom, into a tee spined double concave for more drive, by helping to keep the water from escaping off of the rail and direct it into the fins. The vee spined double continues out the tail, where the winged round tail template turns it into a spiral vee off of the tail for smooth rail to rail transitions. The vee spined double allows the wide center and hips of the Extraordinary to roll from rail to rail as though it were a narrower plan shape. The semi-flat deck helps to carry more volume to the top of the rail, which adds to the paddling balance for easier take-offs and getting back quickly to the peak. The deeply chined down rails add sensitivity and control in turns when the surf has more punch.

The Extraordinary is recommended to be ridden with large sized shortboard fins, and a 6 to 7-inch center fin.


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