3. The Almighty 2+1 Performance Longboard Epoxy



The Almighty 2+1 is a high-performance longboard with design influence from Donald Takayama’s diamond tail Guy Takayama model, one of my favorite boards when I was a teenager during the On Safari to Stay days. An effective design made to handle a huge spectrum of conditions, from 6 inch to head high surf.

Medium nose rocker to high tail rocker for ease of turns, and clearing the nose to fit into steeper faces, while retaining
glide for when the surf is more open-faced. The centered wide point adds moderate stability, with high maneuverability from anywhere on the board. The long nose concave helps to increase take-off speed, by flattening out the center of the nose rocker, and it also provides lift for more time on the tip. The nose concave feeds into a subtly rolled belly, going right into a vet spited double concave leading into the fins, helping to direct water flow and increase drive while working on the tail, and releasing into flat off of the diamond tail for smooth, non-sticky rail to rail transitions while linking turns.

It comes standard with FCSII side boxes, and a long center box allowing for a variety of feelings from different fins and placement in accordance to the side fins. It is recommended to be ridden with large size shortboard side fins, or Taylor Jensen XL sides, and a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 inch center fin determined by your body weight.


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