1. The 55 Noserider



The 55 is a spiced up classic Pig style log. The aft wide point Pig design has been a favorite plan shape for years.
This design was originally conceptualized, and born from one of surfing’s most important pioneers, Dale Velzy in
1955. At that time it was a design that came from working forward from the 1950 Malibu Chip’s shortcomings, and it was a design that was responsible for some of surfings first true cutbacks.

We’ve taken this proven outline, and put a few modern seasonings into the recipe. With an added long stretched nose concave that flows into the center of the board, which helps this narrow nosed design to provide more lift to stay on the tip.
More tail rocker for ease of putting on the brakes, and to clear the nose in turns. Tuning it to lighter weight Japanese riders, we’ve pulled the tail block in slightly for ease of maneuverability. We have also added an edge around the fin area, to help set the rail in a turn, and decrease wash out.

This model is designed to be ridden with a 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 inch fin, determined by your body weight and leg strength.


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